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A Strategic Deep Dive Into Latin America’s 20 Largest Hotel Chains


Many of Latin America's hotel chains have successfully grown their footprint in the region, despite Zika and a sluggish economic outlook for certain markets. A rising middle class and steady business traveler demand (particularly to secondary cities) are keeping accommodations demand interesting enough to keep planned expansion initiatives rolling through this period of economic and political transformation.

Inside the Mind of the Gen Z Traveler

Digital Media

Much of the discussion about travel and generational divides has focused on distinctions between the Millennial generation and more mature travel cohorts. Yet, in the incessant paddle toward bluer oceans, travel marketers are now starting to look further down the horizon to align brands and product offerings with those who have just begun to explore the world through travel.

Use Cases for Virtual Reality
in Travel

Digital Marketing Digital Media

Many travel industry executives are excited about the potential of virtual reality to deliver immersive experiences that help them better sell travel products to potential customers. Historically, the technology has passed through a series of boom and bust cycles. The relative successes and failures of these campaigns will depend entirely on consumer adoption.

Digital Payments in Travel 2016

Digital Marketing Travel Tech

The global digital payments ecosystem is undergoing a rapid and monumental shift; smart travel brands should stay on top of the shifts in how we pay for goods and services. Peer-to-peer payment platforms, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies may have been a thing of science fiction just years ago. Yet, many of the data points now clearly suggest otherwise.

State of Travel Media 2016

Digital Marketing Digital Media Mobile

Like all media, travel media is constantly reinventing itself to adapt to new technologies and changing consumer behaviors. We talk to leaders in the field and look at external threats and opportunities as represented by Facebook, mobile, and advertising.

The Strategic Guide to a Modern Hotel Technology Stack

Hospitality Travel Tech

The world of hotel technology software, or the “tech stack” as it’s often called, has long existed as a fragmented puzzle of competing platforms, competitors and solutions. Now, growing signs of consolidation loom as big players from both inside and outside the category vie for a bigger piece of the pie. What solutions and strategies will be most important to help hotel owners stay competitive, and profitable, in the years to come?

Food Tourism Strategies to Drive Destination Spending


Destination marketers face a new imperative to refine and align their culinary experience branding and marketing strategies to connect with today’s digitally savvy traveler. Even non-traditional tourist destinations must commit to smarter branding and marketing strategy, in order to capture sustained tourism in-flows. Here, stakeholders must work together to hone their content strategies and build local networks to bring out the best of what destinations can offer.

A Deep Dive Into TripAdvisor’s Competitive Position in Travel

Digital Media Mobile

TripAdvisor has managed to insert itself into just about every segment of travel. Like an octopus, its tentacles reach wide from accommodations to restaurant reviews.

The State of Wi-Fi for Travelers in 2016

Digital Media Mobile Travel Tech

Traveler demand for, and use of, Internet connection services is soaring, creating a dilemma for travel brands that must walk a precarious tightrope between charging for access and risking customer anger over unreliable free service. How are travel brands coping with these challenges, and what future innovations in connection services might transform the industry?

How are the reports created?

Reports are written by Skift analysts with domain expertise in travel. Each report looks at the full stage of the market: it builds on top of existing data, layers our own original reporting, survey data and analysis, and is then synthesized into an under-30-minutes-read digestible report that gives you, the busy executive in travel, everything that you need to know now about this trend and get actionable insights to apply to your company today.

What is the frequency of Trends Reports?

We release two strategic reports a month, 24 a year. We now have 60 reports in our vault and annual subscribers get access to ALL of them right from the start.

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My morning isn't complete unless I've browsed the latest news and information from Skift online. But it's the monthly Trends Reports that give me access to data, analysis and marketplace innovations that are critical in shaping my marketing strategies and decisions.


I really enjoy reading the reports. I mostly appreciate the variety of subjects treated, also very at the heart of current sector challenges and stakes, even though they do not all are significant for my primary job focus. They are a good balance of illustrated examples and key figures / graphs, although for me it sometimes could be even more “figure”-documented. And since format / aesthetics matters as much as content, I really find the selection of pictures usually very well done!


As the person responsible for data, trends, and insights for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, I look forward every day to the Skift newsletters and reports I receive. They cover a wide variety of travel and tourism industry topics and interviews with some of the top thought leadership in the industry. The travel intelligence provided by Skift enables me and LA Tourism to be better informed.


The travel industry is in such a state of transition due to current economic states, technology upheavals, and more, that in order for a smaller company like ours to keep on top of the trends, it would take hours a day of reading. Skift reports consolidates pertinent travel information into easily digestible reports allowing us to stay current and provide cycling vacations of a lifetime.


The reports I receive from Skift are always very informative and up to date with the latest information from the industry!


As a Research Institute we look into research material from numerous sources. Skift reports always have a fresh and substantiated view about issues affecting the tourism industry, often as they are evolving.

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